A portion of all proceeds go to supporting women in transition. 

Linwood House has a long history of being a place of healing and transformation for women in transition. Well over 1,000 women have been given the opportunity to spend time at this special place. 

The "Journey" is a retreat away from the daily chaos of life. It is an opportunity to feel at home. For many who come through the doors, Linwood House is the only home they know where they are welcomed as special guests. Those who join together in the sacred spaces of Linwood House have an opportunity to pause and reflect, share insights, concerns, struggles and successes. 

Freedom of expression through creativity, art, and musical activities combined with nature, prayer and personal support provide each individual with the tools for empowerment and transformative change. Each one brings a story that is received with grace. The stories have been written, painted, collaged, pounded into clay, sung about, danced, even acted out.

In the Words of one of our friends: 

"My first experience at Linwood House was a memorable one. It was by the Grace of God. I walked into Linwood House a broken and lost soul, I was angry and full of shame. I was unlovable and unworthy in my eyes with out a doubt! It was a real shock when I was swept into the house and welcomed with loving hugs, there was no escaping it, there was love in this house. These women didn’t look at me like I looked at myself…and the transformation began. I spent two nights in the most beautiful home I’ve ever seen. I felt like a child innocent and free. I knew that I’d never be the same after spending time in this home with these people. Upon leaving Linwood I knew the experience had made a huge impact on me. Gwen and the ladies taught me than everybody deserves love, everybody deserves forgiveness. I knew I was loveable from that moment on. Linwood planted a seed in me and it grew fast. I now volunteer in the Downtown Eastside sharing what they have taught me. I have been back to Linwood several times; I have seen the beauty of Linwood change women’s lives. I have become close to many women we met there and cherish my friendships. It has been an experience that has no doubtably changed my life and is a huge part of who I am today. Every single fiber of my being knows that Linwood House saves women’s lives. "